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Ich weiß nicht wer du bist und
wie du hier her gefunden hast,
aber ich bin froh, dass du den Weg gefunden hast.

You came intentionally to grab that Manifesto
and need no introduction?

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I’m Martin Wedgwood and I would love to introduce you to the fundamentals of
how to boost your moojo directly but I’m afraid that is not possible.

But there’s three things we can take care of directly:

I can give you a first idea
what boosting your moojo is,
how you can benefit from boosting your moojo and
which next step you can take to get started.

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Boosting da what?

Moojo is a word I came up with after a long struggle. I had been on the lookout for some years already but couldn’t find a word that would fit the vast but precise meaning of it.

It is still hard to define or grasp what moojo is. If I tried I would say it was the life force both inside and outside of us inviting us into two directions at the same time.

On one hand we’re invited to completely and wholeheartedly express ourselves. We’re meant to interact with the world in a productive way. And in doing so we unfold our potential on many different levels and in diverse areas.

It’s about being creative, experimenting with ideas and possibilities. When doing so we’re constantly in an agile and relaxed learning mode. We learn to trust our guts, follow our heart and do with confidence and ease what wants to be done.

On the other hand we’re invited to work our ways through our inner blockades and make peace with our lifes in each and every moment.

When doing so we pave our path to inner freedom, easiness and a deep feeling of gratitude and abundance.

We learn to find our home in the constant unfolding of the present moment. We do so by questioning our beliefs, taking a closer look at our inner dialogues and cultivating mindfulness on all levels.

Both processes can seem paradox. One is focused on the outer world with lots of down to earth challenges such as managing missions, projects and mega-projects, get stuff done and interact with people and objects.

The other one is oriented towards ourselves and our rich inner life with lots of things going on inside of us we are barely and rarely aware of.

And that’s exactly where Boost Your Moojo comes into play:
When boosting our moojo we take responsibility of both those processes. We follow the continuous and subtle movement from the inside to the outside and back again.

We take care of those processes because we understand that they have a strong positive impact on each other.

And by doing so our life becomes a happiness breathing and highly productive wonderplace.

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The hallmarks of that happiness breathing
and high productivity wonderland?

Let me be brief and just drop some terms and ideas for now

happiness, feelings of abundance and deep gratitude, virtuosity, serenity, flow, continous creative inspiration, high and sustainable productivity, high and sustainable energy levels, deep and inspiring relationsships, positive coincidences and synchronicity, easiness, inner freedom, a well balanced body tension, fun, confidence, agility, resilience, a large capacity to cope with stress, change, and life-events, a deep feeling of sense, security, and fulfillment

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Nice, huh? So what you do next?

In my free (yes, as in free beer) Boost Your Moojo Manifesto
I provide you with the first share of moojo wisdom.

You ready to grab that thing?

Not decided yet? I can understand that.

Are you fed up with sign-up forms?
Don’t feel like giving your email for some random document?
Think there’s a witty sales strategy hiding behind such kindness?

You bet there is…

To be completely honest:

I want to save your ass and
make a little money at the same time

I know some simple but lifechanging strategies you should learn about. Why else would I invest precious resources to create a webpage. And now is the moment when sophisticated marketing tactics come into play.

To be honest – they already did. But now we’re done flirting. Of course you need to hand over your first name and email address to be rewarded with a first bit of that secret sauce in form of a beautiful PDF-brochure. And while the packaging is important, the content is what matters most.

At a later state I’ll throw in that irresistible offer – a short video series called the Boost Your Moojo 101.

In this video course I will explain the benefits (to make you want to dive deeper), teaching more bits of da secret sauce (giving hints I have a solution too sophisticated to be revealed directly which is true) and make you crave for more (so you would be willing to buy more of that amazing stuff I’m offering at a later state).

Everything will be offered at a reasonable price point because that is my game. Neither as cheap as to devaluate my offer nor to expensive.

I want you to understand immediately that I’m not only about saving your ass but about making a little money at the same time. Everybody has to live – even a self-proclaimed saviour of humanity. Just kidding – I’m not that narcissistic anymore.

My move at that point will be to turn you into a new and hungry customer fast.

Because after having been part of a voluntary spiritual buddhist circle I prefer you being my client or customer instead of being my disciple or follower. Also sure I’d make a pretty lousy leader.

No weird master and disciple schemes at play here. My stuff is absolutely clear, direct and honest while being pretty affordable compared to those complicated and ancient ways of give and take.

There you have it in all transparency. What’s your next move? Take that next little step towards a life worth living? Sign up to get that manifesto?

If so, enter your first name and email below. Then click the gimme-da-manifesto-pronto-button.

Whatever you do:
Be true to yourself

I wish you all the best. Hasta pronto and yours sincerely,

Martin Wedgwood

Last chance (for now) to grab that Manifesto