A motivational desaster

It is 8:00 am. You got up early. You already completed a small workout session. You had a healthy breakfast. Because today is a very special day.

You decided to finally take care of your important project. Sure, there are still four months until the deadline. But you still have a lot of work to do. And it’s actually about something much more important: You want to finally leave your old life, your old, lazy self behind. You finally want to change things.

You looked into the mirror often

And you wondered what’s wrong with you. You asked yourself why you were putting off work on a project that was actually important to you. You read blog posts and tried a few online tests. You knew it already. You suffer from a productivity-reducing disease. And this disease is called procrastination.

You have not stopped at this realization

No, you immediately started looking for antidotes. Reading numerous blog articles of important thought leaders, you learned a lot about yourself.

You are now working with different hypotheses: You are probably a perfectionist and suffer from fear of failure. You may need to learn to postpone rewards and work on your perseverance. It’s also possible that you need to learn to set priorities and reward yourself after the work is done. All of this may have to do with your early childhood. Or with your experiences in school and kindergarten. Or with something else…

These are already helpful insights. And now you know roughly where to start. And that’s why you turned back to your project with new euphoria. You tried to implement some of the proposed approaches. And that was great… For about two days… Then everything was back to normal.

Your still stuck with your project. And lets not talk about all the day-to-day things waiting to be don. But you have learned important lessons: you suffer from procrastination. With regards to prioritization your are a dead loss. And your perfectionism leads to under performance.

You’re more frustrated than before

That’s because you have no idea how to change anything about your misery. And because you don’t feel like sitting around frustrated all day, you take care of the things that make you feel better.

You check what’s going on on social media. You scroll through your time lines with your thumb. You aise your thumb here and there to like something with a tap. And already you feel better. Or better, you hardly feel anything anymore.

With chocolate and gummi bears you retrieve some of your euphoria. And a longer detour to your beloved streaming platform, with the freaky stuff that Berlin and Tokyo or Heisenberg and Pinkman are pulling, gives you a tingling sensation that almost feels like liveliness.

But now something has changed: You are here. You have decided to take part in this course. And that’s… we don’t know yet…

Do you really believe this course can change something about your misery?

How likely is that?

  • How likely can a person help you who postpones so many things until the last moment that he himself feels dizzy?
  • How likely is it that someone can help you who has been focusing on pleasure, fun and euphoria for years and has avoided annoying tasks like the plague?
  • How likely can someone help you who enjoys writing todo lists a hundred times more than working through them? These are legitimate questions. And I’m not sure if I would book a course with myself.

I provide you with stuff that can be found on much fewer blogs than the conventional stuff. The stuff I’m presenting is also pretty weird. Much of what I’m providing you with is downright hair-raising. It sounds like it will make your situation worse rather than improving it. And besides, that stuff is so easy to implement that it can’t possibly work.

You’re still here?

  • Admit it: It seemed to be the least evil among the internal training offers.
  • You are studying and want to bag points with minimal effort.
  • Are you kidding me? You took money into your hands because you really want to change something?

Among us: I’m fine with any motivation that brought you to the pulpit of my sermons. Let’s get started.

And because we intend to create a phoenix from motivational ashes, it’s time to burn down some myths about motivation.