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In that case you can ignore the information provided on this page

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Step 1

Get hold of that confirmation message

This message should show up in you email inbox, pretty pronto

Nice Case:
The confirmation message has nicely landed in your inbox

If everything worked out well, than you should find the subscription message in your email inbox soon. See below what things look like in gmail. The situation with Outlook or other services should look quite similar.

Not so nice CASE:
The confirmation message has stranded in your spam folder.

Sometimes the confimation message gets misrouted to the spam folder. If you can’t find that message in your inbox within, say 10 minutes, then please have a look in your spam folder.

Step 2

Confirm your subscription

Confirm your subscription with two clicks

Once you’ve found the confirmation email you only need two more clicks.

The first one to open the message and the second on the button that says “confirm subscription” in oder to, huh? huh? exactly confirm your subscription.

Already had a look? Received that message?
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