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The Boost Your Moojo Manifesto

Protect and develop until it’s time to let go

We might feel tempted to think that art is about everything but money and fame. We might as well think art were foremost about making money and fame.

But on the moojo path there is no room for narrow-mindedness, stinginess, complicated money earning schemes or shame. You share your art with the world rather than keep it secret and tucked away as your private property.

What you create belongs to the world and wants to be brought into the world. It’s the same as with children. The art has to come into the world through you and with your help. You are also meant to protect and accompany your projects until they have matured into cultivated pieces of art. But you also have to let go once that state is considerably reached.

In contrast to the upbringing of kids you are meant to be rewarded for what you have invested and the pieces of art you share.

Finish your projects

Boosting your moojo you finish your stuff. There is no way you could work some on your projects, give up on them and get away with it.

You are serving your inspiration not the other way around. That being said there are times when projects need to rest and age. Times where you give room for inspiration, incubation and reflection.

Sometimes you need to wait for the right things to happen, resources or people to show up. Sometimes you need to have confidence and patience until you get to cairos – the right time to act.

You cannot push the creative process by wanting to force things. Cultivate woowayji – the unintentional way of doing the right thing at the right moment.

And if you find yourself unable to finish something be open to ways the started project can be composted.

Everyone is an artist

Practicing the moojo path being an artist is nothing special. That is also true when surfing the waves of fame, earning lots of cash, and being hunted down by paparazzi all day long.

Being an artist is the true expression of what it means to be human. If you inspire your fans then don’t take it all to personal. They might think it’s your genius, your message, your style, your swag they are attracted by. And that is most probably but only partially true.

The most inspiring you have to offer is you unfolding and cultivating your moojo. Your fans might not necessarily know or understand yet but that’s exactly what they came to this earth for, too.

Look out for your true audience

On the moojo path you are constantly on the lookout for your true audience. You might feel tempted to make compromises with your art in order to receive any kind of acknowledgement or approval. But you have to know that’s not what boosting your moojo is about.

You want to be true to your heart and guts. You want to be direct and natural in everything you do.

Instead of faking it till you make it and beyond you want to bring your true self and stuff infront of alot of people. Like that you give the right ones a chance to come into contact with whats deeply precious to them – that is you and your art.

Once you are infront of the right people you may want to start to listen to their feedback in order to strengthen your moojo with their help.

Have fun

On the moojo path you want to have fun, be light-hearted and embrace the true nature of the present moment which is pure happiness and joy.

You might come straight out of hell. You might be heavily wounded, traumatized, and driven by all sorts of negative or destructive inner dynamics.

You’re still meant to transform and to integrate that. You’re still meant to translate that into something true, productive, and aestetical powerful through your art. And yes, things can become emotionally challenging and pretty tough at times.

Deep and unconditional happiness is the obvious sign of you entering the masters realm of the moojo path. Aim for that and stay on track.

Deflate your ego

On the moojo path their is no room for ego-inflation, hubris, and warstories. Everything is about aligning your being and doing with the fundamental life force.

Leave no trace of ego neither in your art nor in your interactions with the world. Do what has to be done, leave alone what wants to be left alone.

Enjoy your moments of success, mourn your moments of defeat. Do it completely and take the time needed but don’t exaggerate.

Then keep on moving while staying on the moojo track.

Cultivate and master your craft

On the moojo path you cultivate your art and craft to a point where you are able to translate and transform any raw material into a cultivated and digestable format.

You are not bound to clichées, best practices and traditions while it can be useful to know about them even when you choose a new or revolutionary approach.

You may be lazy at times but not when it comes to performing your art and boosting your moojo.

Find your topics, your media and formats

On the moojo path you start where you are with what you’ve got or with what is in reach. There is only so much room for complaining or hoping for better days.

Translate your complaints into art and your hope or desperation into projects and work. Focus on what’s there rather than what’s missing.

At the same time you want to be constantly searching for and refining the topics, the resources, the material, the media and the formats you are meant to deal and work with.

So even if you start with what you’ve got you need to stay true to your calling and cultivate topics, media and formats that you feel deeply attracted to.

This involves a lot of digging, experimenting, testing and learning on one hand while developing a profound sense and intuition regarding your calling on the other.

Use Feedback with care

On the moojo path you deal with feedback that is benevolent and coming from either intuition or the heart of others. Handle the cold and analytical mindfuck of the world with care.

If you are a daredevil you can also take into account the negative and destructive feedback you receive. Be sure to leave the negative emotional charge while using the energy provided.

Handle all the feedback with care and delicatesse: keep the helpful stuff and ditch the crap.