Taking care of this moment

Sure, life is short. We would like to experience happiness in wonderful colors and diverse flavors.

And in fact, it is crucial for our health and the experience of meaning in our lives that we follow the trail of what is deeply close to our hearts. And for this, we can use different approaches.

We got to know solution focus, the mindful handling of our impulses, and an enlightened way to take our dreams seriously.

It is crucial that we shape our stories consciously and actively. And it is important that we face our fears. That’s what we learned, too.

But to some extent, many of these approaches go beyond the fundamentals of self-motivation.

The whole motivational game is much easier and more direct than we think. It is more accessible and easier to put into practice than some experts, productivity gurus, and perhaps even my remarks on the subject of “self-responsibility” would have us believe. Basically, it is enough if we take on responsibility for a few very simple things.

When it comes to happiness, our drive, and our motivation, there are simple and always available options that we are interested in from the depths of our being. These are the options with which we become more courageous, face our fears, and pave our own way by walking it.

It is crucial that we understand the cause and effect of motivation. Because in this context, we usually work with false assumptions. It is also crucial that we focus on successful action, smooth learning, and thus on the continuous and mindful unfolding of our potential.

If we do this and take the initial considerations on the myths of motivation seriously, then the risks of self-determined action remain, but we have real answers with which we can counter these risks.