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From Intention to Action

Getting stuff done

In this online course, we will dive into the fundamentals of motivation: How can you strengthen self-motivation in your daily life? How can you mobilize your ambition when the going gets tough? How can you access your motivation and drive whatever the circumstances?

With a combination of video-based individual learning and a consecutive online workshop, you will uncover familiar but often overlooked ways to focus on what is essential. You develop and nurture helpful habits. And you initiate action that helps with both: mastering your projects of the current term and making new friends.

Alone and interacting with other participants you will reassess your productivity habits as well as your ideas on goal orientation and motivation. As a result, you will deepen a natural and sustainable drive that will stand the test of time.

Contents of this course:

  • Flow orientation and self-efficacy
  • Mini-habits and atomic task-management
  • Agile and realistic time-management
  • Mindful desire, do it tomorrow, and positive procrastination
  • Timeboxing and Pomodoro-technique
  • Productivity and regeneration rituals